We are Massif Central. 

Our Mission is to provide the world of effort, in all walks of life, an everlasting footprint of achievement.

We are visually creative people who love storytelling but we are also kind of obsessed with data; lines, maps, grids and numbers. They help us understand our world and remember the places we have been and the things we have done.

This whole idea was born from a cycling trip down the length of Italy — five friends riding together for fifteen days. We talked about creating an illustration for them as a trophy but also as a form of documenting the trip. Photos are great, but only tell a fraction of the effort and determination. The same goes for a map of the route. There are also finer ingredients in the story of any journey. We wanted this memento to be as compelling, as unique, as fascinating and as beautiful as the trip itself. It was a tough brief.

Three years later and the mental lines, numbers and grids had actualised themselves. We have developed a unique system that merges detailed data with design to create bespoke, collaborative illustrations that celebrate personal achievements.

Whether it's a cycling journey, a walking holiday, ski trip, an ultra-marathon or a coast-to-coast drive, we can create a beautiful illustration that captures and documents your journey, allowing it to be part of your home or office for years to come.