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Massif Central's mission is to provide the world of effort, in all aspects of life, with an everlasting memory of their achievements.

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Bespoke Showcase


Double Iron Man

We were commissioned to create a print illustrating two Iron Men events, where the first one was a half Iron Man ( 70.3 ). Followed by a full one. 

Not only that, we also added an elevation showing the speed during the event.


Marathon Des Sables

“The Toughest Foot Race in the World”

The Marathon Des Sables is like nothing else on Earth.
It’s an utterly crazy concept: run 250 km across the Sahara desert..

There are no roads or trails - just waypoints and compass bearings.

The lack of roads names and villages was the major challenge in gaining enough data to populate the outer layers of the illustration.

We went back to first principles and found some great ‘raw data’ in the MDS handbook. The directions given to the runners to help ensure that they stay on track proved perfect for capturing the other-worldliness of the race and for triggering memories for the recipient.


Double Eroica

‘Eroica’ | ‘Heroic’

Eroica is more than a bike ride.
Riders must use pre 1987 equipment, dress in vintage garb and the parcours is purposefully routed over unmade roads to match the surfaces often encountered by the ‘Giants of the Road’ such as Coppi, Bartali and Bobet.

This bespoke print is a combination of two Eroica rides - the 2015 runnings of the original Eroica in Gaiole, Tuscany and the 2nd edition of the recently created Eroica Britannia in the Peak District. Both were ridden by the client on his beloved 1982 Moser.

Heavily accented in the outer landmark layers are the areas of “Strade Bianche” or “White Roads”, which define the race and provide the indelible images of the Eroica experience.


Randonnee ( Rapha )

Its' one of Rapha's iconic Randonnee, in the Pyrenees. An illustration of six days of riding through some of the most beautiful landscape. 

We can build prints to suit your own brand or club, using your colours and style. 


The Transatlantic Way

The Best of the Emerald Isle

Created for the inaugural edition of this 2,500km, unsupported audax around Ireland, the TransAtlantic Way illustration

Starting in Dublin, entrants initially make their way to Derry in the North before joining the Wild Atlantic Way and heading South along the coastline to Cork and Blarney Castle. It’s wild, rugged riding and the unsupported nature of the event makes this a real adventure for experienced ultra-cyclists.

Just 22 riders completed the course in 2016 with the lead rider taking 6 days, 11 hours and 33mm to cover the distance. All finishers received a commemorative Massif Central print.



Coast to Coast- West to East

A month alone in the saddle, traversing perhaps the widest variety of landscape that a single country can offer, this TransAmerica is incredible to behold.

The rearing Sierra Nevada mountains and the undulating hardships of the Rockies; occasional days without so much as a town to pass through, a five-day downhill strecth into the MidWest and then the apparently eternal plains before the Appalachian kickers and the finish in the Big Apple.

Just imagining crossing the U.S. - the epitomy of a land builtat teh altar of the automobile - on a bicycle takes a leap of mental faith. Seeing the achievement laid out in its ‘star-spangled glory’ only serves to remind how big a Continent is and elevates this solo crossing into something of a Crusade.


Merckx - The Greatest


Magazine Commission

To celebrate Eddy Merckx’s 70th birthday, Rouleur magazine commissioned Massif Central to produce two illustrations of The Cannibal’s fearsome palmares.

The illustrations detail Eddy’s remarkable record in the Classics and the Grand Tours fir the duration of his decade long career, charting his swift rise to fame in the late Sixties, his years of utter dominance and finally his equally swift decline.

The illustrations feature in Rouleur’s special edition:
‘Merckx - The Greatest’


Italia 2011


In 2011, five friends rode 1,500km from Innsbruck in Austria all the way to the toe of Italy’s long boot.

Sharing the road further cemented the already strong bonds between the five and, on their return, they were keen to make a fitting memento of their achievement.

Their ride became Massif Central’s very first illustration and was painstakingly created by hand over a number of months.

We’ve sped things up since then but we still view each project just as individually and just as personally.

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